Zelda Collectible: Zelda Crest of Hyrule T-Shirt

Zelda Crest of Hyrule t-shirt

If you are a big fan of the Zelda video games, then you will want to check out this cool Zelda Crest of Hyrule t-shirt.

It is a unisex shirt, making it the perfect Zelda fan t-shirt for girls and guys. Sizes go all the way up to XXL for this sweet shirt.

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The Hyrule crest is on the front of the tee while the back has a small “Zelda” at the top, just under the neck area. The main color of the shirt is black, with the crest in a silver-gray color.

Where to Buy Zelda Crest of Hyrule T-Shirt

If you are interested in adding this cool Zelda shirt to your fan collection, then you might see it in some local stores for the retail price of $18.99. The cheapest place that I have seen this t-shirt is when you buy online from Thing Geek. The last I checked, it was on sale there for just $14.99, which is the cheapest price I have seen it listed for. However, if they do not have your size, or if you want a different color, you can find it for a slightly higher price at Hot Topic. Check prices with the links below:

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