What Is WWAN and How To Add WWAN On Your Laptop or Netbook

If you have been looking at the specs for a new laptop lately you may have seen WWAN listed somewhere.

WWAN, or Wireless Wide Area Network, is a wireless network that uses cell phone technology. So, instead of connecting to the internet using your cable modem and wireless router you would use, say, Verizon’s 3G network to connect to the internet via WWAN.

A lot of new laptops and netbooks these days are coming with WWAN cards installed as a standard option. At least PCs that is. As of now, there are no Mac laptops with WWAN.

So, what do you do if you want to add WWAN to a laptop or netbook that doesn’t have one of these nifty WWAN cards?

Well, if you have a USB port on that netbook or laptop then you are in luck. See, the only way to add WWAN to a laptop that doesn’t have it is with one of those little USB mobile broadband modems. All the major carriers sell them – Verizon, Sprint, etc. You have to order a data plan with them for your surfing. Then just plug it into your USB connection and anywhere that you get a cell phone signal you will have internet access.

In the areas where there is 3G coverage the internet access is broadband speed.