The Challenge of Self Employment in Bahrain

Want to move Bahrain and be self-employed? The problem with this is that you will need to have a sponsor in order to be able to come into the country on a work visa. If you are hoping to be able to sustain your self while in Bahrain with self employment you may find that to be a somewhat difficult challenge for your self. That is not to say that it is not possible to come to Bahrain and be a self employed worker in the country; however it is quite rare and even difficult for that to happen for foreigners.

For a foreigner to be able to come to Bahrain to live and work as a self employed individual there are some challenges that must be overcome. The main thing standing in the way of a foreign worker coming to Bahrain to work as a self employed worker is the challenge of finding a local sponsor. In order for any foreigner to be able to come to Bahrain and take up employment there must be a local sponsor willing to be responsible for that foreigner. Typically this is no problem for foreigners that wish to come to Bahrain to work as they simply find a local company that wishes to employ them and that company will in turn serve as the sponsor for that foreign worker. The problem is that when a foreign worker wishes to be self employed there is no local company involved which leaves the foreign worker in need of a local sponsor.

It is not impossible to find a local sponsor if self employment in Bahrain in your dream. One of the ways that foreign workers interested in self employment have succeeded in finding a local sponsor is to find a local company that would like to utilize the services offered by the self employed foreign workers. Once that happens the foreign worker can ask the company to serve as a sponsor so that the foreigner can get the visa to come to the country. However do not be surprised if you are not given a favorable answer to your request. If that happens you will have to keep searching for a sponsor.

You can have either an individual or a company in Bahrain that is legally registered to serve as your sponsor. You may even have to pay a fee to someone to get them to agree to be your sponsor. This is perfectly legal practice in Bahrain. However if you do set something up like that you should get a local lawyer involved to protect your interests.

Certain professions in Bahrain, such as medical professions, require you to be in possession of the necessary qualifications in order to get your work visa. This is something that you should check into before you line up any sponsors and make any payments to them.