St Patricks Day Decorations – Shamrock Bathroom Decor

Decorate Your Bathroom For St. Paddy’s Day With Shamrock Decor

Whether you are decorating the house for a big St. Patrick’s Day party or just to get in the holiday spirit, you do not have to overlook your bathroom when spreading the luck of the Irish in your home.

Pictured: St. Patricks Day Shamrock Irish green bathroom decor

To get your bathroom in the St. Paddy’s spirit, you can use some colorful shamrock decor to brighten things up. You can shamrock everything from your toilet seat to your hand towels.

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St Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Toilet Paper

Looking for a funny St. Patrick’s Day bathroom decoration? Why not replace your regular toilet paper with some novelty St. Paddy’s Day toilet paper? You can either get some bright green TP or some TP that is white but has cute little green shamrocks on it. Even if you are not having any guests over or throwing a St. Paddy’s party, you can still have a little holiday fun by adding this TP to your bathroom.

 RENOVA GREEN TOILET PAPER ROLLS -6 PACK St. Patrick’s Day Novelty Green Shamrock Toilet Paper

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Shower Accessories – Shamrock Shower Curtain, Shower Hooks

You do not have to stop your St. Paddy’s bathroom decor with the shamrock toilet paper. In fact, you can adorn your shower with a festive shamrock shower curtain and some cute little shamrock shower hooks. While I have only found one St Paddy’s option for shower curtain hooks, there are several good options for a shamrock shower curtain. Check out my favorites below.

Also, I suggest you consider leaving one of these up for a month or two because they are a great Spring theme.

 Shamrock SHOWER CURTAIN St. Patricks Day saint patrick’s paddy paddy’s Irish green bathroom bath room tub Home Decor Shamrock SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS rings St. Patrick’s Day saint pat’s patrick’s paddy’s bathroom bath room Home Decor Bunch of Shamrocks Shower Curtain Elegant Shamrock Shower Curtain Erin Go Bragh Shamrock Shower Curtain Dancing Shamrocks Shower Curtain

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Soap

While you likely will not want to use it for bathing, you can sit out some shamrock soap for guest use or just for decoration. You really have just two choices if you want to get some St. Paddy’s soap this year. You can go with the little shamrock-shaped soap or you can buy the shamrock soap dispenser and fill it with your favorite liquid soap. You can even used the soap dispenser in the kitchen for dish liquid. Take a look at your options below.

 ArtisanStreet’s Shamrock Design Soap or Lotion Pump Dispenser. Hand Painted & Signed By Artisan Shamrock Soap, Fragrance Free, Clear Green

St Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Hand Towels

Put Out Your St. Paddy’s Day Guest Hand Towels This Year

An easy way to display a little St. Paddy’s Irish spirit is by trading out your normal hand towels for some shamrock St. Patricks Day hand towels. These guest towels can be used just for St. Paddy’s Day party guests or you can leave them out for your family to use as well. Either way, they are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate the bathroom a little for the holiday. Check out my favorites among the St. Paddy’s hand towels.

 St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hand Towel St. Patrick’s shamrock hand towel black Shamrock hand fingertip towel green St. Patricks Day Guest Hand Towel

St Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Toilet Seat Covers

This may be the funniest St. Patrick’s Day decoration that I have ever seen. And if you’re having a St. Paddy’s party at your home, then one of these is certain to be a hit with guests. You can actually decorate your toilet for St. Pat’s with one of these fun St. Paddy’s Day toilet seat covers. Not only are they hysterical to look at, but they are also incredibly cheap. That also makes them a fun decoration for the office. Check out your shamrock toilet decor options below.

 Shamrocks Toilet Tattoo – Elongated St. Patricks Day Seat Socks Toilet Lid Cover Shamrocks Toilet Tattoo – Round

St Patrick’s Day Green Shamrock Rubber Ducks

For a little bathtime fun, or just decorating fun, try a few of these novelty rubber ducks. They were designed especially for St. Patrick’s Day and they are super cute. These are a big hit with kids. Since they are so cheap, these are items you can easily add to your St. Paddy’s Day decorating budget. You can even give some out to the kids as a St. Paddy’s Day gift.

These are also great as St. Patricks Day work gifts for employees and co-workers. Plus, they are just a lot of fun!

 St. Patrick’s Rubber Duck Two Dozen Mini Irish Shamrocks Rubber Ducks Set of 12 St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks St. Patricks Day Rubber Ducky 2 inch (1 Dozen) One Dozen (12) Irish St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks Mini Shamrock Rubber Ducks St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Ducks – Case Pack 24 SKU-PAS441319 St. Patrick’s Day Rubber Duck : package of 12