Old School Gamers Hat: Pac Man Plush Hat

Pac Man Plush Hat

If you want a hat that borders on ridiculous, then check out the Pac Man Plush Hat.

As a child of the 80s, I love me some Pac-Mac, but this hat is pretty hysterical when you look at it. It is more ski mask than hat since it is so big.

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Of course, looking like you have a Pac-Man head is pretty cool.

As you can imagine, it only comes in one size and is a better fit for adults than kids.

A cool thing you can do with this Pac-Man hat is use it as part of a Halloween costume.

Where to Buy Pac Man Plush Hat

The only place I have seen selling this hat is Think Geek. If you want to buy it online from them, the retail price is just under $30. Sometimes they have sales or free shipping though. Click here for more information from ThinkGeek.com.

And if you’re a big Pac-Man fan, you might want to also check out the Coolest Wall Clings: Namco Pac-Man Wall Art.

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