Restaurants Open On Christmas In Honolulu

Are you spending Christmas in Hawaii on the island of Oahu?

While the beaches of Waikiki may not get you much into the Christmas spirit, you can still enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner in Honolulu.

Plenty of restaurants are open on Christmas in Honolulu, most of which are at some of the area hotels and resorts.

Price vary among the different restaurants. Most restaurants have a traditional Christmas menu, with some also including some island-inspired dishes.

Not all of the restaurants have a different price for children, so if your kids are with you this is something to consider.

If you’re looking for a place to get Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day brunch or Christmas Day dinner, here are some restaurants in Honolulu that will be open.

  • Hoku’s
  • Beachhouse at the Moana
  • Plumeria Beachhouse
  • Top of Waikiki
  • Alan Wong’s Honolulu
  • Twist at Hanohano
  • Vino Italian Tapas
  • Hiroshi’s Eurasion Tapas
  • Formaggio Grill
  • The Willows
  • Azure