Pongo Instant Ping Pong Set

Pongo Instant Ping Pong Set

If you love a good game of ping pong, you can take it anywhere with you now.

All you need is the Pongo Instant Ping Pong Set.

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This sweet game set makes it super easy to start a game of ping pong no matter where you might be. You don’t need any type of mounting tools or anything like that.

The only thing needed is a desk or table.

It comes with two paddles, two ping pong balls, a net and a storage pouch.

This is actually a great gift idea for someone that travels a lot.

The net that comes with this set will stretch an impressive 72 inches. So, game on!

Where to Buy Pongo Instant Ping Pong Set

So far, I have only seen this super cool ping ping set at Think Geek. The retail price is just $39.99, but they do usually have some sort of free shipping or other discount offer.

Click here for the lowest price from ThinkGeek

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