Lowering Your Golf Cart

If you spend a lot of time on your golf cart, chances are pretty good that you have seen people customizing their carts.

Some common golf cart customizations include:

  • Making the golf cart faster
  • Raising the golf cart
  • Giving the golf cart a custom paint job

Of course, you can also tweak the look of your golf cart in other ways to make it super unique.

In fact, you can go against the trend and lower the golf cart. Or you can even install some ground effects on the cart once you get it lowered!

If you do a little searching around, you will find plenty of golf cart body kits to tweak out your cart and raise it.

What you won’t find, sadly, are lowering kits for the cart. That means if you want to make your cart a lowrider then you gotta get innovative here.

You don’t wanna get too technical with welding parts and such cause you might mess up your ride.

Instead, you can do something that is so freaking simple, yet effective.

How to Lower Your Golf Cart:

Replace your golf cart tires with go kart racing tires.

Yes, it really is that ridiculously simple. The average golf cart tire is 18″ off the ground. And the average go kart racing tire is around 4″ or 8″ in height.

The only downer here is that you end up with a lot of space in the wheel wheel since the tires are so much smaller. But, as long you as you don’t mind that you can zoom around in your new low rider golf cart.

Just don’t forget that Blue LED Golf Cart Underbody Underglow Light Kit to really trick out the cart.

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