Best Kindle Fire Accessories

If you are going to buy a Kindle Fire, you may also want to stock up on a few Kindle Fire accessories. Skip to the bottom of the article for a link to the full list of Kindle Fire accessories now. And don’t forget your Kindle Fire screen protectors.

Cheap Kindle Fire Sleeves

The Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve is a good choice for a cover for your new Kindle Fire.

This particular sleeve is available in a variety of colors.

You can order it in the following colors: graphite (gray), blue, lime, coral (orange-pink) and charcoal (black).

Retail price for each sleeve is $29.99. Pre-orders are available now, with a release date of November 15, 2011 for all of the sleeves.

The Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle Fire is another cheap Kindle Fire sleeve option.

It is ultra thin and light weight. The cover is made of leather.

Designed in the folio style, this Kindle Fire cover has a magnetic closure.

At the time of publication, available colors are black or purple.

Retail price for this cover is also $29.99.

Coolest Kindle Fire Covers

The Verso line of Kindle Fire covers are the coolest covers on the market right now.

The pictured Verso Kindle Fire Cover, Artist Series – Cities features the names of world cities, such as New York and Budapest.

This particular Kindle Fire cover is perfect for travelers.

At the time of publication, a total of 12 Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch covers are available from Verso. Several feature black and white photos of New York City.  All of the choices have a retail price of $39.99. See the full line of Verso Kindle Fire and Touch covers.

Durable Plastic Kindle Fire Cover

The Marware MicroShell Folio Kindle Fire Cover is another cover choice.

It is made out of a hard, polycarbonate shell on the back with a soft lid to protect the front from scratches and cracks.

This cover is also being released on November 15, 2011.

Retail price is $39.99. Clor choices include gray, pink and white.

Nylon /Fabric Kindle Covers

buy Marware jurni Kindle Fire Cover

If you prefer a Kindle Fire cover that is not plastic, you can go for the Marware jurni Kindle Fire Cover.

This made for Kindle accessory fits the Kindle Fire perfectly.

Made of durable nylon to keep your Kindle Fire safe, the Marware jurni cover has a fabric exterior and a microsuede interior lining.

The microsuede keeps the screen of the Kindle Fire safe from scratches and impact damage.

Unlike some of the other covers, the Marware jurni Kindle Fire cover actually has a zippered enclosure that keeps the Kindle Fire securely inside the cover.

This cover has some unique features on it as well. The back of the cover has an interior hand strap so that you can easily hold onto it or attach it to the strap of a messenger bag or backpack.

The outside of the cover also has a zippered pocket, which you can use to store your cell phone, credit cards, money or IDs. It’s just a small pocket, so it won’t hold a lot of things.

Available on November 15th, the retail price of this Kindle Fire cover is $29.99.

buy Belkin Grip Sleeve Kindle Fire cover

I’m a big fan of the Belkin Grip Sleeve for Kindle Fire.

As of right now, it is only available in two colors – pink or blue.

What I like about this Kindle Fire cover is that it is made out of neoprene. That means that it is lightweight and easy to keep clean while providing maximum protection.

Since I travel with my Kindle, and I never known when I’m going to be caught out in the rain, I always try to protect my electronics with neoprene covers like this one.

It is also one of the few covers that has a zipper, which means your Kindle Fire won’t slip out of the cover and end up on the floor.

buy Timbuk2 Kindle Fire CUSH SLEEVE

The Timbuk2 Kindle Fire CUSH SLEEVE is the only Kindle Fire cover I’ve seen being advertised as a TSA friendly Kindle Fire cover.

This is also the only Kindle Fire cover that seems to be made of memory foam.

While the exterior is fabric, the interior of this Kindle Fire cover is cushioning memory foam that protects the Kindle Fire by acting like a little Kindle Fire pillow.

Don’t let this make you think that this Kindle Fire case is bulky. It’s just the opposite. It is actually a pretty slim cover for the Kindle Fire.

And, you can leave it in the sleeve when you go through airport security.

Available colors include black, green, silver/gray, red and blue. Retail price is just $34.99. See all Timbuk2 Kindle Fire covers now.

Best Leather Kindle Fire Cover

An even more durable cover option is the Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for Kindle Fire Cover.

This cover is only available in the colors of black, brown or pink.

It is made out of genuine leather. And the front cover features super soft microsuede to protect the screen of your Kindle Fire.

The retail price is $44.99.

Also available for shipping starting November 15, 2011.

Click HERE to view the ENTIRE selection of Kindle Fire accessories NOW.

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