How to Report Copyright Violations of Recorded Music

Recorded music is protected by copyright.

This means that someone cannot use the recorded music without being granted usage rights.

Even though this is the law, there are sometimes instances of recorded music being used without the copyright holder granting permission.

If you know of such a copyright violation for recorded music you can report it anonymously through the Music Publishers’ Association.

The Music Publishers’ Association is a non profit music trade association that is active in copyright compliance issues.

This is how you deal with copyright infringement of your recorded music or someone else’s that you want to report to the proper place.

Use your web browser to go to the Music Publishers’ Association website at

Click on “Copyright Resource Center” from the main page.

Select “Forms” from the list of links on the Copyright Resource Center page.

Open the link for “Form for Reporting Copyright Violations.” The form is a PDF file that you need to print out.

Fill out the form with the details of the copyright violation. Mail the completed form to the the address listed at the top of the first page of the form.

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