How to Get a Waiver for a Car Inspection in Pennsylvania

If you have a vehicle that has problems passing the Pennsylvania emissions testing you may be eligible for a waiver for the car. The vehicle must be able to pass the vehicle Visual Anti-Tampering Test to be eligible for the waiver. This test just looks for modifications made on emission control components that were installed on the vehicle by the manufacturer. Replacing the catalytic converter on the car with a straight pipe would be considered tampering.

Visit the Pennsylvania Vehicle Emissions Testing Program website to find your closest emissions testing location. Look under “Regional Information” and select your area of Pennsylvania.

Take your vehicle to one of the emissions testing stations with your car registration. Ask the price before you give over your car as the price will vary between authorized emissions testing providers and can range from $150 to $500 in the more expensive areas of the state. If you are not quoted a good price you can go to another station.

Make a minimum of $150 in emissions-related repairs to your car. If the car still does not pass inspections you can get a waiver from the technician. Verify that the technician is a certified repair technician as they are the only ones that can issue a waiver. You will be given a waiver sticker for your car.

Place the waiver sticker in your car window. It is valid for the next 12 months.