How to Get a Title on a Car With Only a Bill of Sale

Did you buy a car from someone and only walk away with a bill of sale and no title?

Usually when you a buy a car from someone you get a bill of sale for the transaction and they sign the title of the car over to you.

If you did not a get a title you may still be able to title the car. Not all states will let you though.

Check with your DMV to see if they allow a car to be titled with only a bill of sale. If they do, they will tell you what requirements must be met to be able to get the title.

Usually the car has to be at least 9 years old and must have be currently or most recently titled in the state where you are applying for a title. If you meet those requirements then you will likely have to submit a form for a duplicate title with your bill of sale to the DMV.

If you do not meet the requirements, or if your state just doesn’t allow a car to be titled without a bill of sale, then you need to contact the seller of the car.

Get them to request a duplicate title in their name. Once they get the title have them sign it over to you so that you can then title the car in your name.

*Note that some states allow the original owner (the seller) to transfer the title to the new owner via the duplicate title form. This prevents you from having to retrieve the duplicate title from the seller.