How To Cash A Joint Check Made Out To Two People

Cashing a check made out to two people is as simple as both of you going to the bank or checking cashing place together. You both sign the check and show your ID to cash it. But what if the other person isn’t there?

There may come a time when you are issued a joint check and cannot get the other person to cash it with you. Examples of when this could happen include:

  • Getting an apartment deposit returned for you and a roommate
  • Getting an income tax refund made out to you and your ex
  • When the other person has been deployed in the military
  • When the other person has passed away
  • When the other person is in jail

If anything like that happens to you, the first thing to do is take out that check to examine the way that is it written out. It may be made payable to “You and Someone Else,” “You + Someone Else,” “You or Someone Else,” “You, Someone Else,” or “You and/or Someone Else.”

In order to cash it with just your signature, you need it to read either:

  • “You or Someone Else”
  • “You and/or Someone Else”

In instances where there other person is deployed, incarcerated or likewise, if you have a notarized power of attorney, you will be able to cash the check with just your signature.

Policies vary from bank to bank, but you may have some success simply writing “for deposit only” and trying to deposit the check.  Otherwise, you can try taking it to the issuing bank to see if they will cash it. Or, see if you can get the check re-issued in just your name.