How To Be A Substitute Teacher in Maryland

While there is a shortage of substitute teachers throughout the state of Maryland, the urban areas, including Baltimore county, are suffering more than most. Some Maryland counties employ full-time substitutes, who help with administrative work when they are not filling in for an absent teacher, to try to fill this void in available substitute teachers.

Some college is required to become a substitute teacher in the state of Maryland. Education students who have completed thirty or sixty hours of college coursework may be eligible in some school districts to serve as substitute teachers at a reduced rate of pay. Many school districts require a Bachelor’s degree of substitutes. This degree can be in any subject, and must be granted by an accredited college or university.

All long-term substitute teachers, those working in any one assignment for greater than ten days, must possess a Bachelor’s degree.

The daily rate of pay, which varies in Maryland by school district, increases quite substantially on long-term assignments.

In order to serve in a Maryland classroom, a candidate must get a “Substitute Teachers with Maryland State Department of Education Professional Certificate”, obtained by submitting the application, college transcripts, resume, and background check information.

For more information, contact the Maryland State Department of Education, 200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, 410-767-0412, or visit them online at

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