How To Be A Substitute Teacher in California

Substitute teaching in California is a great job for people that are interested in teaching as well as people that are looking for a job that is rewarding but not as permanent as actually being a certified teacher.

Like most other states, the main prerequisite for becoming a substitute in California is having a bachelor’s degree. It does not matter what the degree is in, only that you have one. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, qualifying for California’s substitute license is a relatively easy process that requires the passing of a test.

Candidates that are interested in getting certified to be a substitute teacher in California must pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test, or CBEST. Along with the official transcripts showing the conferral of a bachelor’s degree, or a higher degree, applicants are required to submit the CBEST scores with their application for a substitute license. The CBEST is a very basic exam that tests on basic reading, writing, and math skills, essential to teaching. Information on the CBEST exam, what it consists of and where it can be taken, is available at their website.

The application for a substitute teaching license can be obtained online here. College transcripts and passing CBEST scores should be submitted along with the application, and for an out of state resident hoping to become certified in California, it is also required that applicants submit two fingerprint cards, along with fingerprint processing fees. Due to the nature of substitute teaching, fingerprints are required to be on file for safety purposes.

Once a substitute teaching license is obtained in the state of California, it is good for one year from the date of issuance, and allows the holder to substitute for no more than thirty days for any one teacher during the course of a school year. The teaching permit is renewable. To renew a teaching permit after a year, interested candidates must simply complete the renewal application, which can be found online here, or candidates can renew online at the CTC website. As long as a candidate is in good standing with the State of California, and there have been no complaints regarding the substitute, the renewal application and fee guarantees another year of employability.

There are reasons to substitute in all of the states, but in California, with the beaches, the attractions, and the weather, who would not want a part time day job that allows you plenty of time off throughout the year, including summers and the Christmas holiday.

To send in all of the required paperwork to get your substitute teaching credentials for the state of California, use this address:

State of California
Commission on Teacher Credentialing
PO Box 944270
Sacramento,CA 94244-2700