Best HD Camcorder: Philips Qvida CAM300 HD Camcorder with 12 MP Camera

Philips Qvida CAM300 HD Camcorder

If you are in the market for a new HD camcorder, the Philips Qvida CAM300 HD Camcorder is the BEST new HD camcorder for the holiday 2011 season.

This camcorder was released in early November and immediately sold out at most retailers. And for good reason.

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Not only does this camcorder record video in full 1080p high definition, but it also takes sharp images in a stunning 12 MP if you just want to use it as a digital camera.

One of my favorite things about it is how easy it is to watch my videos on my TV or upload them to YouTube or Facebook.

The Philips Qvida CAM300 built-in software, that posting your movies on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo a breeze. And if you want to watch it on your TV, the HD camcorder has a direct TV connection via HDMI so that you can view your videos in HD, where they look the best.

Another great feature on this camera is the swivel screen. Not only does it swivel, which is great, but it is also a touchscreen. That makes it super easy to control with just one hand, or one finger that is.

It has super extra long battery life and anti-shake technology so that you get a steady image every time. Cause you don’t want to make everyone sick with a shaky video!

And possibly the most important question to answer – how much video can I store at once?

This HD camcorder has a microSD card slot that lets you record up to 8 total hours of high-definition video in full 1080p quality. Now, that is a LOT of video!

Best Price: Where To Buy Philips Qvida CAM300 HD Camcorder

As I mentioned, this camera came out in early November and promptly sold out at most retailers. It is supposed to be a hot gift for Christmas 2011. If you are shopping in your local retail stores, you might not be able to find it in stock. I suggest buying online on Amazon because they have free shipping, free sales tax and free returns. So, if you find it somewhere local later, at a cheaper price, you can return it with no hassle at Amazon. Plus, Amazon is one of the few places taking orders while it is sold out!

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