Haunted Hotels in Pennsylvania

Does ghost-hunting seem an ideal way to spend the nights of your vacation? Does the idea of sleeping amongst ghosts in a haunted hotel give you more thrill than chill? If your dream trip includes spending a night or two in the presence of ghosts, entities, specters, phantoms, apparitions, or restless spirits, there are hotels in every state in the U.S. rumored to have unwelcome guests that refuse to leave.

Ghost hunters and brave voyagers beware. When you check into the most haunted hotels, or book a night in one of the most haunted hotel rooms, you may get a sleepless night.

Here is a list of haunted hotels, haunted motels, haunted bed and breakfasts, and haunted inns in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Gettysburg Hotel

Now a part of the Best Western chain, and voted Gettysburg’s best hotel, The Gettysburg Hotel was established back in the 1890s, built in the same location where a tavern hosted guests since 1797. Close to Hershey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., it’s a great stop on your trip. And, of course, Gettysburg has plenty of its own historical attractions worth exploring. Right across the street from The Gettysburg is the spot where Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address.

With the history that lives on in Gettysburg, is it any wonder that a two-hundred year old hotel in the city limits would have tons of reported supernatural activity. Several spirits are thoughts to still roam the property, and have been sighted on numerous occasions.

The Gettysburg Hotel is located at:
One Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
Phone: (717) 337-2000

Farnsworth House Inn

A charming bed and breakfast with uniquely decorated rooms and plenty of modern amenities, the Farnsworth House Inn showcases period dining, a tavern, and incredible gardens. One wall, facing away from the property, still exhibits over one-hundred bullet marks. It’s a little slice of history.

Built in 1810, the Farnsworth House Inn also has a showcase of ghosts. The disembodied voice of a child has been known to talk to guests, there are unexplainable sounds and smells, and something brushes against guests as they walk through the halls. The Farnsworth House Inn has been determined one of the “most haunted inns in America”.

The Farnsworth House Inn is located at:
401 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
Phone: (717) 334-8838

Hotel Bethlehem

Minutes from Allentown, in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, the Hotel Bethlehem has been restored to all the glitz and glamour of the Golden Age. Floor-to-ceiling windows and large murals accent this beautiful hotel, making it a unique and gorgeous stay. Guest rooms are modern and luxurious.

The Hotel Bethlehem sits in an area that was settled in the mid-1700s and the ghostly presences tell the tale. Visitors have felt cold spots and been tapped on the shoulder, people have heard their names called, and vacuums have turned themselves on and moved across the floor without even being plugged in. There are many apparitions and glimpses of reflections in mirrors. If you want a good scare, try the Bethlehem.

The Hotel Bethlehem is located at:
437 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018
Phone: (610) 625-5000

Black Bass Hotel

Set to reopen in the Spring of 2009, the Black Bass Hotel will return to offering those people passing through a comfortable place to stay, with a long history and enough modern amenities to make for guest convenience.

Likely, the hotel will also bring back the haunts. Several entities are thought to roam the building. A pool of blood occasionally appears on the floor of the tavern where a man was stabbed to death in a brawl. His ghost, along with that of a woman, have been seen walking the halls and sitting in guest rooms.

The Black Bass Hotel is located at:
3774 River Road, Lumberville, Pennsylvania 18933
Phone: (267) 293-0265

Logan Inn

Constructed in 1722, the Logan Inn retains a distinct Revolutionary War feel. The old-world ambiance has been maintained, while just enough modern amenities have been added to make a comfortable stay for modern-day travelers.

Considered the most haunted town in the U.S. by some people, the Colonial era town has plenty of ghosts and the Logan Inn is no exception. Guests report the scent of perfume in one room, orbs have been captured again and again, a little girl’s ghost roams all about the property, and there is a soldier who marches to his own ghostly drum.

The Logan Inn is located at:
10 West Ferry Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
Phone: (215) 862-2300