DIY: Paint Steel Golf Club Heads

If you have some golf clubs that you have roughed up and want to make them look like new you can paint them. In fact, you can paint your steel golf club heads on your own. This will get them to looking like new again. You can even paint them different colors so that you can tell them apart easier when you are out on the course.

Get a rotary tool, like the Dremel 760-04 7,000/14,000 RPM 2 Speed Cordless Golf Cleaning Rotary Tool. Use the rotary tool and brass brush attachment on the lowest speed available. to clean in between the grooves on the steel golf club head. This will help to remove excessive dirt and scratches from your steel golf club heads.

Wash your steel golf club heads with soap and water when you are done with the rotary tool. Let it sit out overnight to air dry.

Use only oil-based paint for painting the steel gold club heads. Use a small paint brush to apply the paint in thin coats. Apply 4 to 6 coats in 30 minute intervals. Let sit for 24 hours once all of the coats have been applied.

Apply 2 coats, in 20 minute intervals, of clear sealer/lacquer to your steel golf club heads. Allow this to dry for 24 hours as well.

Use your cloth polishing attachment on the rotary tool at the lowest speed to buff the steel glof club heads. Be carefuly not to apply too much pressure or you will take off the clear sealer/lacquer!

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