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The Future of Email: A Relic of the Virtual World?

Email is a dead technological enterprise. That’s the word on the street. That is, if the street is a social network, and the word is that of a street hustler paid to nudge people toward only newer communicative technologies.

The truth is many businesses still rely on good old-fashioned Microsoft Outlook, which is why Microsoft released a webmail edition of the program at For email doomsayers, the sheer number of users who flocked to must have looked like a rapture of sorts. According to Microsoft, 60 millions users signed up in six months of limited preview, before the site was even launched widely to the public, and, by June 2013, it was the fouth most popular email client, indicating even new email systems had a place in the market. While the nature of email may be changing, if email is dead, it’s a zombie, because it’s certainly still sucking in humans.

Email integration

Email is still a force within popular social networks. Facebook lets users go crazy, sending messages as long as they fancy, complete with photo and file attachments even, so long as a user doesn’t exceed his or her inbox capacity. Even Twitter provides a personal messaging system that is email-esque if users can compress their thoughts into 140 characters.

Facebook is cliquey, though. It totes won’t let you talk to someone who isn’t your friend without relegating to the “Other” folder of a user’s profile, which is kind of like the reject table of a high school lunchroom. And, while one could certainly add everyone with whom they need to communication, most people don’t want their colleagues knowing they spend Friday nights cow-tipping just so their emails will make it to the cool kids’ table.

And, while Twitter direct messaging may be great for a blip memo, 140 characters and no attachment capabilities don’t allow for literary greatness.

Email as a niche

Let’s face it, these days not everyone needs email. Though it’s been the go-to of virtual communication since the dawn of the computer age, it’s kind of a relic. Businesses and freelancers who want to keep virtual communications professional, however, should cling to the relic. It’s kind of like an old dress. It’s best to hold onto it until you have a new one, or you’ll just be naked.

Does everybody need email? Of course not, and that’s why email’s immediate future is likely as a niche of the corporate world. Since the corporate world tends to be slow in adopting change, though, that niche could hold out for a while.

Beyond the niche

Virtualization is becoming an unstoppable trend in business. If you haven’t heard of the cloud, consider yourself blessed, because it is EVERYWHERE these days. If you have heard about it, you know that businesses across the board from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies are abandoning on-site technology in favor of virtual online services. Some software companies, such as Adobe, have even announced that they will be making no new software and providing their products only through virtual services.

As business applications continue to get the virtual treatment, and companies continue to move their operations from on-site hardware and software to virtual services, it’s highly likely email will go the same way. This is nothing new to consumers.

Now, for your moment of paranoia. Even if you don’t what the cloud is, chances are, you are already trapped inside it. Email systems, like Gmail and Yahoo!Mail, are cloud-based, which means you may have been a cloud captive for years without knowing it. For those still clinging to on-site email programs, which has to include a substantial number of businesses since Desktop Outlook is still the second most popular email client, a shift toward virtual email storage can be expected.

Look for to overtake Outlook in the near future.

The nature of email has changed from primary online communication center to the fringe of virtual communications, but that doesn’t make it obsolete. With texting and social networking apps, the nature of the phone has also changed, but that doesn’t mean people don’t occasionally remember their smart phones have a voice feature when they want to hear someone’s voice.

Mini iPad Coming Fall 2012

ipad mini
Those of you wishing that the iPad was a wee bit smaller are in luck! Bloomberg recently broke the news that Apple has plans for an iPad mini that will see the smaller device in stores by October 2012.

iPad Mini Specs

According to early reports, the iPad mini will have a smaller screen size that ranges between 7 and 8 inches. The real downer with this news is that it will not have the new Retina display. If that is what you want, then you have to stick with the larger iPad, which has a 9.7 inch screen.

An obvious benefit of this smaller iPad is the price. It is expected to be considerably cheaper than the iPad 2, but no pricing details have been released by Apple yet.

Read to buy the iPad Mini? You’ll have to keep an eye on the Apple store this fall to make the purchase. A definite release date has not yet been set.

iPad 3 Launch as Apple Store Event on March 16th?

Several sources are reporting that there is going to be a massive Apple store event on Friday, March 16th. And those sources are pointing to that event being for the launch of the highly anticipated all new Apple iPad 3 tablet, also being called iPad HD. There is also talk of Apple’s shipments from China having recently increased, which coincides with the possible March 16, 2012 release date for the iPad HD.

If you are watching this story closely, some of the best places to get up to the minute info include:

  • Mashable
  • 9to5Mac

Rumor: iPad 3 Release Date

There is a lot of buzz on several tech blogs about the possible March release date of the all new iPad 3. In fact, the expected release date is rumored to be March 6th or March 7th. Of course, Apple has not made any type of announcement about the release date, but one is expected any day now.

While people are getting excited about the iPad 3 release date, no one really knows what to expect. Since Apple has kept quiet on the subject, we can only speculate on what is in store for the iPad 3 release in early 2012.

iPad 3 Rumors

Here are some of the most common rumors about the features of the new iPad 3.

Siri – It will come as no surprise if Siri shows up on the new iPad 3. So far, it is only on the iPhone 4S, but look for this digital assistant on the new iPad.

Improved camera – Early reports are saying that the iPad 3 will have a much better camera than previous versions of the iPad. Some sites are reporting that it will be an 8-megapixel camera.

Size – Because of the rumored new display technology, many people believe that the iPad 3 will be much thinner than the iPad 2. It is already fairly thin, so who knows if this one will actually be true.

Increase in processor speed – Many people expect the iPad 3 to have the all new A6 processor, which is a faster and improved version of the A5 processor in the iPad 2.

Data speed increase – We have already heard the official announcement that the iPad 3 will run on the 4G network, which means faster data speeds. Hooray!

Screen resolution – some people are saying that we are going to see a higher screen resolution with the iPad 3. How high? How does 2048 x 1536 resolution sound? Those HD movies and videos will look sweet!