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How to Add Flotations to a Boat Dock

If you are building a dock or adding on to an existing dock, you can keep the dock afloat by adding flotations to it.

Flotations are typically foam filled with a polyethylene shell. You can usually get the floating drums for your dock in either white or black.

When you are ready to add floating drums to your dock, you do not need to hire a professional. In fact, you can do the work all on your own.

Here’s how to do it:

Purchase floating drums or dock floats, if you have not already done so, from a local boating or marine shop. You need to have around 30 pounds of flotation per square foot of your dock.

Attach the mounting hardware to your dock using a drill. Dock hardware is typically heavy duty steel designed for use with carriage bolts so that the dock can withstand the choppy water.

Slide the floating drums into place by lining up the mounting slots with the hardware for an air-tight fit on your dock. The flotations should encase the entire dock.

Now you have flotations on your boat dock.

How To Get A Wrestling Scholarship

If you are a skilled high school wrestler with interest in college wrestling, you may be able to get a college wrestling scholarship. Both NCAA and NAIA schools offer wrestling scholarships, although the availability is limited. For example, Division I NCAA schools only get 9.9 scholarships. However, coaches and schools can divide the scholarships in any manner they want, such as taking five full scholarships and making 10 half-tuition scholarships. As of June 2011, the top schools for wrestling are the University of North Carolina and Cal State-Bakersfield.

Join your high school wrestling team as soon as you can so that you can gain the training needed to earn a scholarship. Colleges tend to focus on wrestlers with honed skills as opposed to natural, raw talent. Joining your school team early on allows you to gain as much training as possible to develop your skills to scholarship quality.

Ask a parent or friend to film your matches and competitions. It makes no difference how well you do if a potential scout does not see you wrestle. You can get yourself noticed by sending copies of the recordings to schools that you are interested in attending or by uploading the videos to YouTube where they have the potential to be viewed by scouts everywhere.

Attend a college wrestling camp or clinic to increase your chances of getting seen by a recruiting scout. A directory of camps and clinics can be found on The Mat website. Prices and locations vary, but you should choose a camp or clinic at one of the schools you are most interested in attending.

Register for the NAIA Clearinghouse and the NCAA Clearinghouse on their respective websites. This is required if you plan on attending a NAIA or NCAA level college. Prices vary and each requires both school transcripts and standardized test scores as part of registration.

Polara Self-Correcting Golf Ball Technology

If you read the New York Times, you may have seen the story on the Polara self-correcting golf balls. These new golf balls have some unique technology that actually reduces your hooks and slices by up to 75 percent.

Designed for the beginner or amateur recreational golfer, Polara golf balls are not intended to be used in any type of tournaments. They are actually illegal to use in them. But if you want to make your weekend golf game a little less frustrating and a bit more fun, you should buy a dozen pack of the Polara golf balls.

Where to buy Polara golf balls

Ever since the story in the New York Times, it has been difficult to find a store that has the Polara golf Balls in stock. Most local stores are already sold out.

The Best Price: Buy Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls has some tips on where to order the Polara golf balls online for the best price.

How to Troubleshoot a Dometic Fridge In Your RV or Camper

Dometic refrigerators are small fridges that are designed for use in recreational vehicles and campers.

A Dometic fridge can run on either gas or electricity, depending on how your RV or camper is set up.

As you use your Dometic fridge on your travels, you may experience some problems with it working properly.

If so, you can do the troubleshooting on your own instead of making an appointment to get the fridge serviced.

Look to confirm that the fridge is securely plugged into a 110 volt plug in the RV.  You can unplug it and then plug it back in to see if that gets the fridge to working.

Check the fuse box in your unit to see if the fridge has blown a fuse. If so, replace it to get the appliance back in working order.

Flip the refrigerator power selector switch to “on” if you have not already done so. If it is not in this position, the unit will not work.

Also press the “on/off” button on the fridge to confirm that the unit is actually on.

Adjust the thermostat if you notice that it is not where it should be or that unit is too cold or too hot. You may discover that the unit is working properly but that the thermostat was changed or is not where it should be.

Confirm that your propane tank is not empty, if your unit runs on propane. If it is, you need to switch the tank out to get the fridge to work.

Open all windows, extinguish the gas flame and call your gas supplier if you smell gas. Do not flip any electrical switches.

St. Louis Omni Majestic Hotel Stay and Play Golf Package

If you are looking for a good place to go on a golf vacation, the Omni Majestic Hotel in St. Louis, MO is running a special that may interest you.

Omni Majestic Hotel Stay and Play Golf Package

The Stay and Play Golf Package is available through October 30, 2011.

On top of the deluxe accommodations, you get:

  • One free round of golf at Forest Park Golf Course
  • Roundtrip transportation to the golf course
  • Breakfast for two each morning at the hotel restaurant
  • Two complimentary drinks for the ride to the course (non-alcoholic)

All of this is just $199 per night. Book on the Omni website.