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Did You Know You Can Treat Dog Seizures With Gabapentin?

Does your dog suffer from seizures or chronic nerve pain? If so, you can effectively manage them with the medication gabapentin. You can actually use this medication with cats as well.

This drug is structured so that it is similar to neurotransmitter GABA without actually causing any type of interference. While this particular type of functional interference is not a risk, there are some side effects of this medication when used for dogs. As a result, you should only use gabapentin with your dog if you are under the supervision of a veterinarian.

What is The Gabapentin Dosage Amount for Dogs

The amount gabapentin that you will need to give your dog can vary as it is different for each dog. The more severe the pain your dog is experiencing, the higher the dosage of the medication to treat those pains. Most veterinarians agree that gabapentin works best for dogs when used in conjunction with another type of pain reliever. These are often called NSAIDS.

Know that every dog has a different reaction to the medication and the dosage amount, which is why it is so important that you only  administer this to your dog with the supervision of your veterinarian.

For the best results with your dosage, only administer the medication in its oral solution form to the dog. It offers easy administration of the drug and works perfectly with the metabolism of the dog and the short active half-life of the medication.

What Are The Uses of Gabapentin for Dogs?

You might be wondering if this drug is the solution that you have been looking for all this time for your pet. The simple answer is that gabapentin is effective at managing pain for dogs as well as seizures. However, there are several different conditions and disorders in dogs that the medication is successful in treating or managing.

While gapapentin is often prescribed for dog seizures, it is actually not effective in treating them on its own, unlike in humans where it can be used by itself. Instead, the medication has to be used in conjunction with other medications as part of an overall management plans for dog epilepsy.

As a stand alone treatment solution, there are several disorders in dogs that this medication can treat, such as:

  • chronic arthritis pain
  • allodynia
  • hyperalagesia
  • other nerve pain disorders

 What Are Some Gabapentin Side Effects for Dogs?

Just like any other medication, the use of gabapentin for dogs is not without the possibility of side effects. In most cases, the common side effects are ataxia and mild sedation. That being said, there are some more serious side effects that can occur with gabapentin usage with dogs. These serious side effects are normally the result of exceeding the recommend dosage.

Some of the bad side effects to watch out for include:

  • somnolence
  • severe lethargy
  • intense ataxia
  • depression

Since these normally occur from an overdose of the medication, you should take steps to empty the gut of the animal if you discover an overdose. Doing so can prevent these things from happening.

Gabapentin can be prescribed by a veterinarian to both dogs and cats to treat a variety of neuropathic disorders and ailments such as chronic pain and seizures. As with any other type of prescription drug, this one is not without its side effects.

Dog owners tend to agree that mild sedation and ataxia and the most common side effects of Gabapentin use with dogs.

However, it is important to note that vets do not recommend using this medication if your dog has kidney or liver problems.

The number one side effect that most dog owners notice in their pets when this medication is administered is mild sedation. This means that their dog seems a bit lethargic or drowsy. So, he might not be as active and rambunctious as usual and may prefer to sleep a little more when taking this drug.

Ataxia is another common side effect that dogs experience. This condition is where the muscles do not seem to work together properly. This is a neurological side effect that can be experienced by the dog.

Strong rebound pain and seizures can be experienced by the dog as withdrawal side effects if use of the drug is stopped suddenly. For this reason, you should not abruptly stop using Gabapentin for your dog.

Some studies have also shown fetal loss in dogs when administering this medication. As a result, you should not give to dogs who are lactating or who are pregnant.

Are There Any Precautions With Gabapentin for Dogs?

When you get the medication, ensure that you are getting the oral solution approved for dogs and not the one of humans. This is vitally important because the version for human consumption contains xylitol, which is something toxic to dogs.

Also remember to never abruptly stop giving this medication to your dog as it can lead to some intense withdrawal symptoms. Doing so can give your dog intense pain or seizures.

Gapapentin can have a negative effect on certain conditions, such as renal complications and liver disorders. As a result, discuss the usage of this medication with your veterinarian if your dog suffers from those conditions. Otherwise, there could be some serious side effects for the animal.

Can You Use Gabapentin for Dogs Anxiety?

Do you have a dog that suffers from anxiety? Just like people who experience anxiety, the condition can be somewhat debilitating for dogs. As a result, some dog owners choose to treat the disorder with gabapentin. The reason for this is because some dogs experience seizures with the anxiety. And this anti-convulsant drug is showing some good results in studies that have been done by professionals.

For dogs, the typical dosage of Gabapentin for anxiety is 10 mg/kg every eight hours, and it is administered orally. While this is the common dosage, you should give your doctor the amount that is recommended by your veterinarian.

Is Gabapentin Good For Dogs With Anxiety?

Remember that Gabapentin is not actually FDA-approved for use in veterinary medicine. However, it is a commonly accepted practice for veterinarians to prescribe this medication for dogs as it has shown promising results in trials.

To get more information on gabapentin for dogs with anxiety, discuss this treatment option with your pet’s veterinarian. You can only get this drug via a prescription.

Tips on Crafting the Perfect Online Dating Profile

datingOne of the ways to increase your chances of finding an online date is to build a nice profile. It doesn’t matter what online dating platform you’re using. You have to create a good profile, and a good profile is attention-grabbing, smart, and interesting.

Dress smartly for your display photo.

The first thing people look at when they’re on your profile is your display picture. We all just want to look our best without overdoing it. So why snap an I-just-woke-up sort of unkemptness and post it on your profile? Dressing smartly means putting on clothing that accentuates your assets. This isn’t dressing smartly for your resume or job interview, so you don’t need to don suits or anything of that nature. Dress casually.

Take note that what generates most profile views are full body shots. So leave your face-only selfies somewhere in one of your albums.

Give a bit of information but don’t be a tell-all TMIer.

Some of us are divorced or have kids. It’s okay to put that on your profile, just so people looking at you know enough about you. Of course, everyone wants to know your hobbies or movies and songs you like. But keep your home address private.

Describe yourself positively.

Positive people gravitate towards positive people. No one wants to nurse a whiner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling lonely right now because you just broke up with your partner for 3 years. Don’t show people you’re terribly heartbroken and you’re finding a date because of that.

Be nice, not imposing.

Men and women generally hate domineering people, especially at the getting-to-know stage. Women don’t like chauvinism in general. Men don’t like women who are too forward. Everyone probably doesn’t like when the other comes too aggressive, strong, and forthright. Take it easy. Play it cool when you’re still getting familiar with each other. Save the endearing colloquialisms like “honey,” “baby,” or “sweetie” when you’re already in a relationship. When you’re still knowing each other, use each other’s first names.

Talk like a professional.

What you post on your profile speaks a lot about you. People are turned off by people who constantly ramble and rant about anything like political issues or delayed orders at a restaurant. No one likes to date someone with such an insufferable attitude.

Also, people like people who show education in their messages. If you write like an illiterate member of the ghetto club, expect no views from the decent club.

Spare everyone your ideal partner checklist.

People who post checklists throw an impression that they think too highly of themselves. You’re not that entitled. Chances are people will look at your profile and say that you’re not too hot and gorgeous to demand so many things about your would-be date. People don’t find online dates and worry about whether they qualify a potential date’s high standards. Stick to writing about yourself, so people would know about you. Besides, when you find the right person, your “standards” wouldn’t matter anyway.

January Is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Living in the United States can shield you from some of uglier problems in the world, like human trafficking. That is why the President made January Human Trafficking Awareness month.

The truth about this problem is that it does happen here in the U.S. It is a business worth $32 billion that sees most trafficked victims forced into the sex trade. Around 66 percent of the victims are women and young girls.

Police often end up arresting trafficked victims and states do little to bring justice to them.

The pornography industry is where many trafficked victims end up. And watching pornography supports the trafficking. Other victims work at “massage parlors” against their will.

In the U.S., the annual Super Bowl is the largest congregation of sex trafficking victims. Their handlers bring them to the host city to work.

Learn more about this problem at :

Top 5 Self Defense Items Every Woman Needs – Under $15

If you are a woman who feels vulnerable to a home intrusion or other situation where you might need to defend yourself, then there are some self defense products which you can buy for peace of mind. In fact, you can find a variety of different self defense items which can be used in the event of an attack. To prepare yourself in case this happens to you, why not stock up on a few of these products and carry them around with you just in case. Hopefully, you will never have to use any of these items, but if you do it just might be a real life saver! As a bonus, all of these items are under $15, with many under $10 each!

5 Best Self Defense Products For Women

1. Compact Pepper Spray

There are a lot of different key chain pepper spray options that you can buy, but I really like this one because it it pink and does not look like it would be pepper spray. I think it would really throw someone off guard because they would not be expecting it to have pepper spray in it. Plus it is easy to find when you buy it online! Check the price now

2. FURY Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain 5.75-Inch with Pressure Tip

This special self defense keychain product is a VERY cheap item you can add to your protection arsenal. In fact, you can get it online! It has finger grooves so that you can hold it easily as you push the tip into those key pressure points on your attacker’s body. If you carry this in your hand at all times, your attack will have no idea that you have this little weapon. Click here to find out more.


3. Door Stop Alarm

This is one of the most perfect self defense items for the home that I have ever seen. You can even take it with you to hotels when you are traveling (and you should!). The way that it works is that you put it at the base of the door and any pressure, such as the door being opened, will set off the alarm. It is certain to stop any would-be intruders. And best of all, you can get it online! Click here for more info.


4. Jogger Emergency Alarm

Even if you are not a jogger, this personal emergency alarm is a good thing to have in your handbag or even in your hand. Just one push of the button and a piercing alarm will start and sound up to one hour. It is actually the loudest personal alarm being made right now. And it is available online! Click here for more info


5. Compact Stun Gun

While it might not be for everyone, there may be some women that would really feel safer with a stun gun in their handbag. Luckily, you can buy one online. Most of the stun guns are in black, but you can also get one in pink. The great thing about them is that they are about the size of an iPhone, so it might catch the other person off guard and he will never see it coming. Click here to see my stun gun pick.

5 Home Safety Tips – Protecting Yourself Against Home Invasion

Anyone can become the victim of a home invasion at any time. By practicing some home safety tips, you can take measures to ensure that you do not become one of these victims. While no method can offer 100 percent effectiveness, these tips can offer protection in many instances.

1. Always use the door peephole.

When you hear a knock on your door, never open the door without using the peephole. It is designed to protect you by allowing you to see who is outside before you open the door. If you are not tall enough to reach the peephole, or have kids in the house, keep a step stool by the door.

2. Question a stranger before opening the door.

If you look through your peephole and see a stranger, do not open the door. Instead, ask questions to identify the visitor. This works best if you have a home intercom system, otherwise you will have to speak loudly through the door. Be advised that some predators purposely mumble so that the door will be opened.

3. Keep doors and windows locked.

Windows and doors offer an easy way for intruders into your home. Always be sure to keep all the doors and windows locked, so that it is more difficult for someone to break into your home.

4. Stop mail and newspaper delivery when you are away.

A pile of newspapers or mail on the doorstep is the perfect clue to let an intruder know that no one is home. When you go on vacation or out of town for a few days, it is very important to have the mail and newspaper delivery stopped.

5. Ask someone to water your plants while you are on vacation.

If you have plants sitting on your porch or patio, it is a good idea to have someone water them while you are away. Dying plants is another clue to intruders that no one is home.